Fric-Lo ® 2020 5M Friction Reduction Tape can be applied safely and correctly with minimal training.

Follow these simple, step by step instructions to ensure a smooth, safe installation with minimal waste.

General Application: 

Step 1

For successful bonding, Fric-Lo ® 2020 5M will need to be applied in a clean area with an ambient room temperature.

Step 2:

Ensure surface area is clean, dry and free of dust, grease and debris prior to bonding. We recommend that the area to be bonded is cleaned with 100% alcohol wipes to remove any potential contaminants. Use the wipes in one direction only (to avoid recontamination) and discard the wipes after each use.

Step 3

Fric-Lo ® 2020 5M has a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. Once in-situ provide even pressure along the tape to ensure maximum 'wet out' of the adhesive. When applied correctly the adhesive bond strength is 60% immediately, increasing to 95+% in 24 hrs with maximum bond strength being reached after 72 hrs.


Fric-Lo ® 2020 5M can be repositioned if required. Ensure the tape is free of creases prior to applying pressure.

Fric-Lo ® 2020 5M is supplied in small sections on a roll or as a continuous roll. When using a continuous roll, ensure the liner is cut longer than the tape to ensure quick and easy removal.

Friction Reduction sectionsFric-Lo Friction ReductionFric-Lo

Header Track Installation:

Fric-Lo ® 2020 5M has more recently been applied to the inner legs of header track systems to reduce the friction between potentially moving components. 

Header Track Installation Guide PDF

Best Practice Guide Video 

Installing Fric-Lo ® 2020 5M onto Header Track Legs