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Fric-Lo ® 2020 5M Friction Reduction Tape can be applied safely and correctly with minimal training.

Follow these simple, step by step instructions to ensure a smooth, safe installation with minimal waste.

General Application: 

Step 1

For successful bonding, Fric-Lo ® 2020 5M will need to be applied in a clean area with an ambient room temperature.

Step 2:

Ensure surface area is clean, dry and free of dust, grease and debris prior to bonding. We recommend that the area to be bonded is cleaned with 100% alcohol wipes to remove any potential contaminants. Use the wipes in one direction only (to avoid recontamination) and discard the wipes after each use.

Step 3

Fric-Lo ® 2020 5M has a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. Once in-situ provide even pressure along the tape to ensure maximum 'wet out' of the adhesive. When applied correctly the adhesive bond strength is 60% immediately, increasing to 95+% in 24 hrs with maximum bond strength being reached after 72 hrs.


Fric-Lo ® 2020 5M can be repositioned if required. Ensure the tape is free of creases prior to applying pressure.

Fric-Lo ® 2020 5M is supplied in small sections on a roll or as a continuous roll. When using a continuous roll, ensure the liner is cut longer than the tape to ensure quick and easy removal.

Friction Reduction sectionsFric-Lo Friction ReductionFric-Lo

Header Track Installation:

Fric-Lo ® 2020 5M has more recently been applied to the inner legs of header track systems to reduce the friction between potentially moving components. 

Best Practice for Facilitating Movement in Buildings | British Gypsum

Header Track Installation Guide PDF

Best Practice Guide Video - Continuous Rolls

Installing Fric-Lo ® 2020 5M onto Header Track Legs